Ups, Barking

39 Reviews
3-5 Thames Road
IG11 0HB Barking
Greater London England
*This location is permanently closed. Please select a nearby branch.

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more than 6 months ago

Lost my parcel weighing 28kg about the size of a fully laden suit case. Call centre in Asia worse than useless and no one cares.. Never use them again absolute rubbish..!

more than 6 months ago

Attemped Delivery made TODAY 27/07/2016 @ 09.48, the driver obviously did'nt even knock on the door or ring the bell, as both my Wife and Myself was in at this time, now I have to go to collect this Myself from the UPS Access Point after 18.00hrs tonight, not sure even if this shop is open then ? Score out of Ten = "0" (zero), thanks for your Service !!

more than 6 months ago

I'm waiting for parcel over week, nobody can't help , nobody is not interesting. Client want suit me for ruin somebody wedding etc . Ups has this in b...m and all the time saying parcel is under investigation. Parcel is in size 1,6 meter x 0.5 can't be invisible . And weight is 16 kg. common!!! The worst service and company which I was use in my life. Phone number hmm..... Always the same story we can't help. Any wane have any contact details for head office - lawyers I will want suits them as a group maybe we can win and stop be ignored.

more than 6 months ago

My item arrived at barking depot on Friday night, I live 3 miles from barking, package then went to Tamworth 150 miles away Friday night, Saturday morning came all the way back to barking sat there all weekend and was delivered Monday damaged all because a 300 mile trip around Britain and the extra loading at barking unloading at Tamworth then reloaded at Tamworth only to be unloaded again at barking, all this movement to Tamworth and 4 x loading/unloading totally unnecessary plus logistically stupid result DAMAGED CABINET item refused and returned at doorstep. Use some other courier as they really treat your goods carelessly .

more than 6 months ago

Very useless delivery company. Customer service in south east who are not able to help. I redirected my delivery to my office which is a council and spelt out every word to the guy. Still he got ithe street name wrong. The driver refused to even try the post code which is right and I waited all day just for them to tell me that they can't deliver until Monday. They are just a time waster I don't even know why they don't do Saturday deliveries every other courier company do. They are just too full of themselves. Useless indeed. I have chosen one star rating because they refused to upload my review without any star not that they derserve it at all.

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